St. Patty’s Day

Irish Shepherd's Pie on a serving spoon with a baking dish full of it in the background

Irish Shepherd’s Pie

March 14th, 2024
Half of a Reuben Egg Roll held up to the camera to show the sauerkraut and corned beef inside. More Reuben Egg Rolls are on a cutting board below.

Reuben Egg Rolls

March 17th, 2023
An Irish Stew Stuffed Roll cut in half and shown to the camera

Irish Stew Stuffed Rolls

March 15th, 2023
A slice of Guinness and Irish Cream Tiramisu on a plate dusted with cocoa powder with a pan of tiramisu in the background

Guinness and Irish Cream Tiramisu

March 14th, 2023
Irish Beer Cheese Soup in a bowl garnished with bacon bits and chives

Irish Beer Cheese Soup

March 13th, 2023